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To determine your ring size, you can either measure your ring or measure your finger.

Measure your ring:

Select one of your rings that fits the desired finger.
Measure the internal diameter of the ring.
Use US Ring Size Chart to determine your size
Measure your finger:

Cut a strip of paper or a string that is long enough to fit your finger.
Wrap the paper or string around the desired finger. Not too tight, not too loose, aim for a comfortable snug fit. The string/paper should be tight enough to pass over your knuckle so the ring won't be too loose on your finger.
Mark on the paper or string where the two ends meet.
Measure the paper or string from the tip to the mark.
Use US Ring Size Chart to determine your size
Another option is to use our ring sizer, which is available here. You can follow the instructions on the Ring Sizer to know your size.